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To Create and be eaten. Self improvement, Self Sacrifice and look into my LCHF/Keto/(somewhat)Gluten free journey.

Daily Inventory

#1. Did I eat like an overweight person today, or a person who wants to reach a healthy goal weight? Where can I improve?

Yeah I didn’t exactly do my best today. I did stay under my calorie goal, but I did have an episode of binging this morning. I’ve been really good about it, but today was just bad. I’m glad though that I had healthy snacks on hand so that the damage is easily controlled. I can improve by doing something other than letting the hand-to-mouth disease take over.

#2. Did I exercise to the best of my ability today? If not, why?

Today I walked about a mile while wearing my little guy. He weighs about 25 lbs and is a very mobile weight vest. I got Big guy to be really well behaved and had him walk too. 

#3. What were my “lightbulb” moments today? 

The Walk to the grocery store isn’t as bad as I remembered it to be. Yay for weight loss, exercise and not being stupidly pregnant while walking.

#4. What positive things did i say to myself about me today?

“Hot damn! I actually fit into that again!” and “Goodness, my skin is nice lately!”

#5. What plan can I make for tomorrow to take better care of myself?

Plan is to sleep better and to break out a new exercise tape. Sleep though trumps all. Also eating something green. That’s a good thing.

#6. What blessings am I thankful for?

My Family and Friends!

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A little catchup

Well, I’m stuck to my phone with no access to my computer for a couple more hours, but I figure I’d do a little I and O update.

I’ve been surprisingly good, no major fails, a couple skipped days of exercise (I’ll post more specifics when I’m home later), but I figure in the name of accountability, I’d post.




Now, the calories are right; I’m on the Victoza which really saps my appetite. I honestly forget to eat, and when I do eat, I get full super fast. I weigh and measure everything too, which is good.

I’m hesitant to post a weight for last week, I’ve had a water related gain that’s discouraging but I’ve also had some non scale victories… My pants are way too big. I’m resorting to buying stretchies when I can get them on sale, they’re cheap and don’t need to be replaced as often as jeans. I am finding the old navy leggings in xxl to be comfy- not tight at all. That being said, i have a pair of jeans in a 22, but I’m not quite there yet. I know though that I’ll be there soon enough. I’m about a 24 now, which is a great step down from the size 30 pants I started at.

I think I’ll be trying to do an every couple day personal inventory (I’d like to do every day, but I know I’m a slacker when it comes to posting) with my food posts. I was discussing it with the Clubhouse Gang, and it really seems like a beneficial thing to do.

Ok, will try to post better this week!

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(faux)Pasta with Sausage and Peppers

Macaroni, Pasta, Noodles, all such delicious words.

All just not happening on keto, and not happening very often if you’re GF. GF pasta is okay, but it’s just not the same. Still, there’s something about chewing through a yummy strand of pasta, flavored with a spicy sausage and fresh bright olive oil and the funky sheepy tang of the Pecorino Romano cheese that really is just elegant in it’s simplicity.


So, what do we do? Deprivation is the root of all evil, you crave and you give in, and you fail, which is bad. My idea is you substitute, you enjoy and you KCKO (that’d be Keep Calm and Keto On!). My trick is Shirataki noodles. It’s a Yam paste that’s tweaked in just the right way to make it gelatinous and chewy. Is it pasta? No, not really- especially in the texture department, but it’s similar in that it’s a bland vehicle for whatever flavors you want to carry along. The best way that it differs from grain based pasta is that it is mostly made of fiber- it is only one or two net carbs per serving!

For this recipe, which makes 2 large servings, you’ll need:

  • Shirataki Noodles: I used the Pasta Zero Spaghetti brand for this, but any type will do. The shiratake that contains Tofu tend to be more pasta-like.
  • 2 Cooked Hot Italian Sausages: Did I mention that this dish was a great way to use leftovers? Slice these into 1/4 inch rounds. (1cm-ish for our metric friends)
  • Onion: I use about 1/4 of an onion, julianned
  • Green Pepper: 1, Julianned
  • Garlic: 1 clove, minced fine
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil: 1 TBSP
  • Canola oil: 1 TBSP
  • Pecorino Romano Cheese: about 4 Tbsp Grated, and please not from the little green can. Parmesan will be ok, but it just won’t be the same.

How to do it under the cut!

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It’s Monday! Make it work!

Change nothing except your expectations. It’s not a race, it’s a marathon. Slow and steady.

/u/anbeav on /r/keto

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Sunday Progress Report

Well, I do have to say, this was really a good week- Got a big SV this round- I’m finally able to say that I’ve got LESS than 100 lbs to go. Hoodie Hoo!

Today’s weigh in was 277.2. A nearly 40 lb loss! Slowly but surely, kicking ass and taking name!




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A three day recap:

That’d be Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Thursday I&O

Friday I&O

Saturday I&O

Ahh, up to date!

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Woot, another day done and whaddya get?

Another day older and… Well, it’s saturday! (well, it was saturday, it seems to have drifted into the wee hours of sunday. ah well, it’s saturday somewhere still 🙂 )

I think I can talk quite solidly about my quazi-discoveries now.

Discovery 1:

If you take a Diet Cola, and squirt a healthy squirt of Mio Energy Black Cherry, you now have a fairly decent tasting energy drink. I shall call it… Rocket fuel!  (Manditory exclamation point! And of course silly names thanks to the next couple of discoveries) This drink was invented when a certain person (…me…) pressed the wrong button on the vending machine at work and got caffeine free Pepsi. bleh. What an abomination.

Discovery 2:

Kraken Vs Human.

If you take that aformentioned Cola+MioEnergy combination and add say, a healthy shot of a compatible (and keto friendly booze) Like Kraken Black Rum… You get something that I shall (and do) call Hydrazine. (good for long nights of doing work based homework… like 50ish powerpoints with Text to Voice reading them out, with required click alongs for good measure. Bleh, it shouldn’t be called Adobe Captivate, it should be Adobe You’re a captive!”.. so i guess we can figure out where/how this was invented.) Why Hydrazine? Well, it’s Rocket fuel, but with a major 4 hydrogen atom kick!

Discovery 3: When you eat keto, and are actively in ketosis, that healthy shot of ethanol hits you about 3x as strong as a non-clean keto eating person. 1 drink and I probably wouldn’t want to get into a car right about now.  Not for a while either… Woo, good thing I got nowhere to go.

Recipes under the cut 🙂

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Wednesday I&O’s

Hey look– down a pound! Woohoo! Another step closer, 104 to go.

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Monday’s I&O’s 

Tuesday’s I&O’s

All in all, not a bad couple of days, Just got to remember to keep exercising daily- even on my days off.

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How now brown cow, or what direction I’m taking!


Hump day is really a fairly meaningless topic when you work nights and weekends and all sorts of a convoluted schedule! Three more shifts this week, then a weekend off.

Speaking of convoluted schedules, I’m hoping to do three time weekly topics:

 Wicked Warrior Wednesday– The battle, and how we’re kicking it’s butt! Life’s full of battles, and with our victories we win the war! NSV’s, SV’s, Exercise, You’ll find it here.

Famished Foodie Fridays– I will detail one food item I’ve made during the week- pictures and recipes, including recipe reviews from other amazing blogs and cookbooks.

Make it Work Monday– I know you hear Tim Gunn saying the title (or you do now!) Probably short and sweet, but hopefully a none too sappy reason to keep going. Pictures, quotes, stories. The good stuff!

Sunday night/Monday will be my weigh in/progress pics update- that goes in on it’s own happy little page, and probably a quick update to let y’all know how I’m doing. The First of the Month will always have a post for an updating of my goals and measurements. I find the measuring tape is a thousand times better than that darned scale anywhoo.

I’m also going to try to do a daily update of my intake and output, but I’m not going to push it to facebook, that’ll start getting annoying quick.

And now: On to the show!

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