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C’est la vie

on November 5, 2014

1017770_675431205904863_1166641397320290783_nC’est la vie.

I like that phrase. Too bad I’m not basic, or I’d end up with it tattooed on my wrist or behind my ear or something like that.

But life- it is what it is- just a wacky little path we walk, some smooth parts, some quicksand, and some hurdles that we have to find our way around (crawling under is always an option. Do not let the evil little gym teachers of the soul tell you otherwise!). As long as we MOVE forward, we can LOOK backward but we can’t quite go back there.


I guess life is a platformer. Just don’t eat the wrong mushroom, and never use the blue shell if you’re in the lead. If you get that yellow star, start running hard- you never know just when your luck is gonna run out.

Enough of the comparing symbolism with life. All here is good at the moment- and we all know that is liable to change, but I’m more than willing to enjoy this stretch while i can 🙂

On the radar for the immediate future is a new tape measure- I’m WAY overdue in my monthly measuring. Turns out cheapy tape measures don’t survive a round in the washer and dryer. My poor tape measure died a nearly heroic death- so measuring is on hold till I get another good one. I might be able to sneak away with one of the ones at work for a few mins and measure myself. I know theres been a reduction… I’m wearing 4 year old jeans.

I will take pics in my new dress come friday. I’m excited!

Keep on the good fight!


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