Cashew Loses It

To Create and be eaten. Self improvement, Self Sacrifice and look into my LCHF/Keto/(somewhat)Gluten free journey.

All About Me

Hi, I’m Barbara, but most folks call me Cashew!

I’m a 33 year old Mom to two amazing little boys, and all was great…


Well, until I realized (quite abruptly at that) that my years of not really taking care of myself had taken it’s toll, and I was sitting on a stretcher because I had gotten myself sick with the ‘beetus. Type 2 to be precise- nobody but myself to blame, when you and Shamu’s mom start shopping off the same rack, it’s a sign.

I follow a Low Carb/High Fat diet to help to control my sugars, and I mainly cook and eat gluten free- not for my own health; my husband has celiac. Luckily our kids aren’t dietarily restricted.

This is my story.


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