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To Create and be eaten. Self improvement, Self Sacrifice and look into my LCHF/Keto/(somewhat)Gluten free journey.

I’m back!

I had some time away- and now I’m making myself come back, not because it is easy, but instead, because it is hard, and I really need to do this. It’s part of being accountable to myself, and yep, I’ve been slacking.

So, what’s been going on? Well, I have a picture that’ll help me explain.

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 8.44.37 PM

Well, I had a stall, and a bunch of lb up lb down lb up lb down days from about 10/9 to 10/20, and I got depressed and disheartened. I had a return to losing, and I am feeling better about myself again. I know I really shouldn’t freak out about the little things, but they really do bug me- I have a big fear of reinflating to my previous size, and I am really fighting as hard as I can to not do it.

I am happy people have been saying that i’m looking smaller, It helps me to know that all this hard work isn’t for naught. Sometimes it really feels like it is- and that just ain’t cool man, it just ain’t cool.

So, any way, back on track, I think all the fluids finally shifted, and I’m down to where I should be.  Down a total of right around 55 lbs, which is about 17% of me gone. Up a total of a lot of saggy skin though, but honestly, I’d rather the saggy skin instead of health problems!

I have been taking my progress photos though, and am due for another set tomorrow, and I’ll make sure to post them.

The last 2 weeks of progress pics below the cut

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Weekly progress (just a little late!)

Photo on 10-8-14 at 11.19 AM Photo on 10-8-14 at 11.19 AM #2 Photo on 10-8-14 at 11.20 AM

273 today. Gettin’ there.

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Sunday Progress Report

Well, I do have to say, this was really a good week- Got a big SV this round- I’m finally able to say that I’ve got LESS than 100 lbs to go. Hoodie Hoo!

Today’s weigh in was 277.2. A nearly 40 lb loss! Slowly but surely, kicking ass and taking name!




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Updated the progress pics!

Yeah, I actually did it! Took me long enough.

This week, on Sunday, I weighed in at 286.2. I never seem to be at my least on Sundays- I usually hit my weekly low earlier in the week, but que sera sera, ya know? As long as the line is trending in the right direction, it’s all good.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 8.58.06 PM

See? its a nice even downward trend. I like it!

Check out after the cut for this weeks progress pics.

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(9/1/14) 37 days in, and the first of the month!

Well, I can officially claim some good news… Weighed in this morning at a new low! 288.8!! That’s 28 lbs lost. Hoody Freaking Hoo!

I also had nobody ask me if I was pregnant recently, and someone even said it looked like I lost a little. Honestly, I won’t lie, I don’t see it but my pants do fit looser, and my bras fit better. Yay!

I got to see the Doctor on Sunday- he said my sugars looked good, and that I didn’t have to check them twice a day anymore, a once daily either fasting or postprandial will be ok. I’ve been advised to exercise a couple times a week, it’ll help with the sugars and the weight loss.

I also bought myself a Bodymedia Fit Armband. Yes, I know, it’s the one the biggest loser’s wear. I honestly don’t watch the show, but I do personally know people who’ve used it, and have done amazing when it was used as a tool. I’m interested in what it does re: my sleep… I don’t sleep well… it’s part and parcel of working night shift and having 2 little kids.

I held off on the pictures, so I could do them and measure myself all at once. All that fun stuff behind the cut!

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(8/18/2014) Sunday Thoughts On Monday Morning

Howdy, Nut here yet again 🙂

The weekend where I work is just insane for being busy, this weekend doubly so- my job’s yearly Medicaid inspection has been going on all week, so the stress level is doubled. Figure, it’s a lot like getting the house ready for when your Mother in Law wants to come over, and you know she’ll be snooping everywhere.

This weekend’s weigh in was 297.6. Yep, twonderland happened this week! So excited. NSV’s include fitting into my pre-pregnancy pants, my shorts (size 24w), and my old scrub pants. Woohoo! Pretty good considering I actually had to buy a pair of size 28 jeans not too long ago. Thankfully I think they’re getting donated, because I’m swimming in them. Well, donated after I do the traditional before/after shot whilst wearing them. 

Progress photos under the cut. Don’t mind my messy house!





See the face pic, you can see both reasons why I’m doing this. Little dude’s in his jumparoo, big guy’s using me like a jungle gym. 

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(8/14/14) Sunday Night Progress dealies

I’ve been so bad this week in keeping up with everything… So there’s gonna be some back to back posting to play catch up…

Progress photos under the cut.





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(8/3/14) It’s Sunday Bitches!

Yep, it’s Sunday, a week down and completed. 

I’m keto’d up, which is good, and get this, I have full doctors approval- which was surprising but really nice. 

I weighed in after I slept- 309.6 Not bad at all!  The Hubbs and kids let me sleep in (kinda) after my doctor’s appointment today. The doctor fully ok’d my very low carb diet, (that’d be low carb, high fat, moderate protein). My A1C though… SCARY. 11.1. That’s like having pancake syrup course through your veins. No wonder I’ve felt like utter crap lately!

Today we talked about my labs, and I got put on what feels like a ton of meds- we’re continuing the Metformin twice a day, I’m taking vitamin D weekly because I don’t do the sun (I work nights. I don’t see much of the sun ever), Omega 3 fatty acids because my triglycerides are elevated, but they should go down as my sugar gets into control, and the Omega 3’s can go bye bye. He also started me on Victoza which is a once a day injectable. I  have to ramp up to the full dosage over the next 2 weeks, it’s to keep me from getting all the GI side effects full force- I guess it’s better to ease into them. Oh, and get this, my insurance covers it and the needles too. Woohoo!

Progress Photos!







Wow… my house is a mess. It’s ok, we’ll work on that. 

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(7/27/14)Week one, Day one

Lord help us all. Or at least me. That’s ok, seriously. Lets get this shit started.

Weight: 312.6



The pics are headless because I didn’t feel like running far back enough to include it. I should probably include one of my face too…


Yeah, 312.6, better than I thought it would be (I thought I was closer to 340. At least that’s how I feel, and it doesn’t feel good. Onto the meat sans potatoes, under the cut!



Short term:

1) Go into ketosis, and stay there! (RTS: Buy keto pee strips.)

2) 299. 13 lbs. Very doable. I’m giving myself 2 months, not as a ‘or die’ deadline, but if I’m not there in 2 months, I’ve got some evaluating to do Lucy.

3) Maintain this blog, it’s passworded, so if you have it, you know, you’re my friend. I trust you to get on my case about it. Seriously! Goal is Pictures on Sunday, Weigh in on Sunday, Not stressing over time of day- I know I retain water like a mofo. Maybe Measurements Monthly? That sounds good, Measure on the first of the month.

4) Reevaluate goals monthly, on the first of the month. I should be in Keto by then, that’s next week.

Long term:

1) Hit 180. Thats very long term. I’m anticipating that at a 132 lb total loss (for big goal.)at 2 lbs per week it should take: 66 weeks. As in next summer I’ll smash that mofo. I hope. This will be attempt #3 at a big loss, I know I can do it, I’m at the have to point with my damned knees and hips- I’m in constant pain, and I’m only 33 years old.

2) (more realistic) Fit into that size 18 miniskirt that makes me look like a tart.


1)Starting back on the Low carb/Keto train, starting today.

2)Gonna log calories in my new fat book (appropriate, eh?). Sticking to about 1850. (as per calorie spreadsheet. I’m hoping to dry up the boobies, so it should help. I might use MFP, but it intimidates me sometimes, we’ll play that one by ear.

3) Gonna start to love water more than Michael Phelps. (I am not typically a water drinker)

What’s goin’ on?:

Woke up with a massive leg cramp (like in my shin, not in my calf, thank goodness!). Gotta ask, the water rule, it’s half your weight in oz, right? I gotta fill up my water pitcher- I just got a new one yesterday, it holds 1 gallon of water, and it should be nearly enough (I know I drink enough other fluids to make up the difference) I also got a new nice hot pink water bottle, it holds 20 oz, so that’d be 6 in a 24 hour period. It’s also clear plastic, so I can see what I got left, oh, and it has a non-fancy top, with a wide opening. My metal 32 oz bottle is beautiful but is perpetually funky with it’s weird narrow top opening and fancy spring loaded top. What else. I’m not going to stress over exercising yet, once I get into being keto, which should take a couple of days, I’ll figure out what I want to do at that point. So, that’s it, that’s where I stand this morning. 

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