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Woot, another day done and whaddya get?

Another day older and… Well, it’s saturday! (well, it was saturday, it seems to have drifted into the wee hours of sunday. ah well, it’s saturday somewhere still 🙂 )

I think I can talk quite solidly about my quazi-discoveries now.

Discovery 1:

If you take a Diet Cola, and squirt a healthy squirt of Mio Energy Black Cherry, you now have a fairly decent tasting energy drink. I shall call it… Rocket fuel!  (Manditory exclamation point! And of course silly names thanks to the next couple of discoveries) This drink was invented when a certain person (…me…) pressed the wrong button on the vending machine at work and got caffeine free Pepsi. bleh. What an abomination.

Discovery 2:

Kraken Vs Human.

If you take that aformentioned Cola+MioEnergy combination and add say, a healthy shot of a compatible (and keto friendly booze) Like Kraken Black Rum… You get something that I shall (and do) call Hydrazine. (good for long nights of doing work based homework… like 50ish powerpoints with Text to Voice reading them out, with required click alongs for good measure. Bleh, it shouldn’t be called Adobe Captivate, it should be Adobe You’re a captive!”.. so i guess we can figure out where/how this was invented.) Why Hydrazine? Well, it’s Rocket fuel, but with a major 4 hydrogen atom kick!

Discovery 3: When you eat keto, and are actively in ketosis, that healthy shot of ethanol hits you about 3x as strong as a non-clean keto eating person. 1 drink and I probably wouldn’t want to get into a car right about now.  Not for a while either… Woo, good thing I got nowhere to go.

Recipes under the cut 🙂

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