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(8/27/14)Exercise, or Oh crap, spaghetti arms of DOOM!

Hey folkies

Decided that interval training might be a good place to start- it takes up very little time, but works really efficiently. Only qualm is that I’m the Queen of the Lardasses lately, and HIIT (that’d be Hi Intensity Interval Training) would probably send me to the hospital with a massive MI. Nope, ain’t gonna do that.

So… what my plan is is MIIT (moderate intensity interval training) which kicked my coolie today, but should get easier as I get stronger. 

This is my current routine:

Cashew’s Beginner Circuit

Cashew’s Beginner Circuit is a circuit timer that comprises of 2 sets the following exercises:

  • Jog In Place (30 seconds)
  • Squats (30 seconds)
  • Wall Push Up (30 seconds)
  • Spinal Balance (60 seconds)
  • Superman (30 seconds)
  • Hip Lift (30 seconds)
  • Crunches (30 seconds)
  • Shake Ups (30 seconds)

And the following rest intervals:

  • Rest between circuits (10 seconds)
  • Rest between intervals (10 seconds)

and I even have a handy dandy link that will take you to a page where it’ll do it on your computer… (and yes, I will probably edit this 12 times till I have it straight… I can’t code for beans.)(yep, I was right, trying to embed this wasn’t working. I’m sure theres a way to do it, I just don’t quite know it right yet, so follow the linkage, which of course has a slightly different title to the circuit, but it is the same, I swear!)

Plan is every day for 2 sundays (that’d be about 10 days) and then a re-eval to see if I have to change it to be more difficult or easier. The plan is to be able to do the 7 minute scientific workout… which isn’t exactly what I’d call easy. It’s supposed to be hard and suck ass, and I’m ok with that.

Now… Why… We all know calorie restriction will get me to where I wanna be… but lardassitude isn’t really a skinny or fat thing. I know I have to push myself a little. 10.5 minutes a day is nothing. It’ll help keep my sugars down, it’ll keep my heart a little stronger, it help me lose weight without turning to a sack of total mush. It’ll also mean the fuel I’m putting into myself can be used better 🙂 and that’s a good thing. 

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