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(8/25/14) Was Just Thinking

About goals and stuff like that. About a month ago, when I started this endeavour I bought myself a ‘goal dress’… which is something I don’t usually do. It was this one:

With the awesome cross back. When I bought it, I was a solid size 30. The largest I’d ever been in my life. I got it in a 24. When I got it, I tried it on and whoa, was it tight.  

I tried it on Sunday, and you know what, it fit. Well, if not a touch loose 🙂 Woohoo FTW!

So, I bought myself a new goal dress, but this is going to be a way way way far away goal… it’s the Harry Potter Marauder’s map dress on hot topic… in a straight size xl.

I figure that’s probably a 50-70 lb trip from now, but that’s ok. I can wait… I have the motivation of 1) getting healthy and 2) wearing that piece of awesomeness!

I also think the promise of a new steampunk costume is really a good thing to work towards too… I have such plans for a new corset!

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(9/11/14) Non Scale Victory!

just had to dig the tie out of the casing of my shorts. I had to tie them because they were falling off! Wahoo!

Also, my jeggings are loose. I have to start doing more squats to build up what little butt I have… because its baggy in the rear.

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(8/18/2014) Sunday Thoughts On Monday Morning

Howdy, Nut here yet again 🙂

The weekend where I work is just insane for being busy, this weekend doubly so- my job’s yearly Medicaid inspection has been going on all week, so the stress level is doubled. Figure, it’s a lot like getting the house ready for when your Mother in Law wants to come over, and you know she’ll be snooping everywhere.

This weekend’s weigh in was 297.6. Yep, twonderland happened this week! So excited. NSV’s include fitting into my pre-pregnancy pants, my shorts (size 24w), and my old scrub pants. Woohoo! Pretty good considering I actually had to buy a pair of size 28 jeans not too long ago. Thankfully I think they’re getting donated, because I’m swimming in them. Well, donated after I do the traditional before/after shot whilst wearing them. 

Progress photos under the cut. Don’t mind my messy house!





See the face pic, you can see both reasons why I’m doing this. Little dude’s in his jumparoo, big guy’s using me like a jungle gym. 

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