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Hello tape measure!

Yep, finally went and bought myself a new tape measure. The last one, as previously posted died a near heroic death. Well, as heroic as a tape measure that got melted in the dryer could possibly be.

So, I measured myself this morning post work and pre-nap. The scale, meh, not that promising, though the tape measure, now that’s where this starts to get interesting.

8/1 →9/1→10/1→11/9

  • Waist: 56″ → 52″ → 50″→ 46″
  • Hips: 58″ → 56.5″ → 54.75″→ 51″
  • Neck: 18″ →16.5″ → 16″→ 16″
  • Wrist: 7″ → 6.5″  → 6.25″→ 6.5″
  • Thigh: 28″ → 27″ → 25″→23.5″
  • Calf: 22.5″ → 21″  → 21″ → 21″

Somehow I doubt my calves will ever actually reduce any more in any signifigant way. Even when I was a kid they were still in the >20 inch range. I did have smaller ankles though.

My post-nap weight today was 257.8. My pre nap weight, which was a LOT of water was 259 and change. It’s amazing how a couple hours nap can really help to shift fluids in the right direction. I drink like a fish during the night and it’s gotta go somewhere- and I think it’s my feet! Darn my half camel background! Ha! Seriously, I can retain water like nobodies business- depending on the time of the month, I feel like a blimp. It’s what makes that tape measure so important.

And, these are my weights, they are on trend too.

8/3/14-  302.8

8/10/14- 302

8/17/14- 297.6

8/24/15- 297

8/31/14- 291.4


9/14/14- 286.2

9/21/14- 277.2

9/28/14- 280

10/5/14- 273

10/12/14- 272

10/19/14- 268

10/26/14- 262

11/2/14- 259.2

11/9/14- 258.8

Now, yes, it’s a big change- nearly 60 lbs worth, but to me, in the mirror, I don’t see it. I guess it’s a normal psychological thing, but the weight numbers really don’t mean anything- they’re not relatable to me.  Now inches and sizes, that’s relatable. (btw, I mentioned earlier in the week. Size 20 jeans. Well, 20w, but it’s all good. I know I was in an 18 on my 29th birthday (I wore a.. rather short skirt on that birthday. I probably should have worn leggings. Instead, I wore ruffle pants and I’m pretty sure most of manhattan saw them… but that’s neither here nor there.) And I know I’ll be there probably for Christmas. I still think that skirt will be permanently retired. Thank the Gods for the midi skirt trend!! I did try on all my steampunky clothes, and they’re ALL WAY too big. Like too big to even merit taking it in, it’d be like sewing a new dress. Means I gotta save my pennies to buy a new outfit. Woo!

Good things are afoot!

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Weekly progress (just a little late!)

Photo on 10-8-14 at 11.19 AM Photo on 10-8-14 at 11.19 AM #2 Photo on 10-8-14 at 11.20 AM

273 today. Gettin’ there.

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Finally, a return to the downward trend!


Well, it took long enough! This week really seemed beyond impossible. Water retention was the bane of my week. I hopped onto the scale about a week ago to find that it jumped up about 6 lbs overnight, which was immediately followed by my first postpartum visitor. I realize it was water, and it’s still going down, but seeing it read well over 280 was not a happy moment for me. I fully admit, that is why I’m late in posting. I had to really dig down deep and keep telling myself “Yo, it’s water! Seriously, not fat! I’m still kicking butt and taking name!” Today, FINALLY, we’re back in the right direction- 276.2, which is a good solid lb under my last weigh in a week + a few days ago.

Scales are fickle, but tape measures don’t lie.

8/1 →9/1→10/1

  • Waist: 56″ → 52″ → 50″ (-6″)
  • Hips: 58″ → 56.5″ → 54.75″ (-3.25″)
  • Neck: 18″ →16.5″ → 16″ (-2″)
  • Wrist: 7″ → 6.5″  → 6.25″ (-.75″)
  • Thigh: 28″ → 27″ → 25″ (-3″)
  • Calf: 22.5″ → 21″  → 21″ (-1.5″)

So, that’s where we’re at now, it’s definitely a change!

I’ve also noticed that I’m eating more lately, but I’m also exercising like it’s going out of style (well, for me at least) but I’m going to need to keep tabs on that big time. I’ve joined a online weight loss support group. Not that my friends aren’t supportive, but sometimes it’s nice to have someone in the same boat to talk to.

This months goals are:

  1. Take meds and check sugars (I’ve been slacking on the sugar checks, and I did miss 2 pills this month)
  2. Keep exercising at least 5 days a week
  3. Really keep tabs on what I’m eating to make sure it’s not going to become a problem later.
  4. Don’t blow it over halloween. It’s not worth it!

We got this!

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Sunday Progress Report

Well, I do have to say, this was really a good week- Got a big SV this round- I’m finally able to say that I’ve got LESS than 100 lbs to go. Hoodie Hoo!

Today’s weigh in was 277.2. A nearly 40 lb loss! Slowly but surely, kicking ass and taking name!




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Wednesday I&O’s

Hey look– down a pound! Woohoo! Another step closer, 104 to go.

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Updated the progress pics!

Yeah, I actually did it! Took me long enough.

This week, on Sunday, I weighed in at 286.2. I never seem to be at my least on Sundays- I usually hit my weekly low earlier in the week, but que sera sera, ya know? As long as the line is trending in the right direction, it’s all good.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 8.58.06 PM

See? its a nice even downward trend. I like it!

Check out after the cut for this weeks progress pics.

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(9/1/14) 37 days in, and the first of the month!

Well, I can officially claim some good news… Weighed in this morning at a new low! 288.8!! That’s 28 lbs lost. Hoody Freaking Hoo!

I also had nobody ask me if I was pregnant recently, and someone even said it looked like I lost a little. Honestly, I won’t lie, I don’t see it but my pants do fit looser, and my bras fit better. Yay!

I got to see the Doctor on Sunday- he said my sugars looked good, and that I didn’t have to check them twice a day anymore, a once daily either fasting or postprandial will be ok. I’ve been advised to exercise a couple times a week, it’ll help with the sugars and the weight loss.

I also bought myself a Bodymedia Fit Armband. Yes, I know, it’s the one the biggest loser’s wear. I honestly don’t watch the show, but I do personally know people who’ve used it, and have done amazing when it was used as a tool. I’m interested in what it does re: my sleep… I don’t sleep well… it’s part and parcel of working night shift and having 2 little kids.

I held off on the pictures, so I could do them and measure myself all at once. All that fun stuff behind the cut!

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(8/27/14)Exercise, or Oh crap, spaghetti arms of DOOM!

Hey folkies

Decided that interval training might be a good place to start- it takes up very little time, but works really efficiently. Only qualm is that I’m the Queen of the Lardasses lately, and HIIT (that’d be Hi Intensity Interval Training) would probably send me to the hospital with a massive MI. Nope, ain’t gonna do that.

So… what my plan is is MIIT (moderate intensity interval training) which kicked my coolie today, but should get easier as I get stronger. 

This is my current routine:

Cashew’s Beginner Circuit

Cashew’s Beginner Circuit is a circuit timer that comprises of 2 sets the following exercises:

  • Jog In Place (30 seconds)
  • Squats (30 seconds)
  • Wall Push Up (30 seconds)
  • Spinal Balance (60 seconds)
  • Superman (30 seconds)
  • Hip Lift (30 seconds)
  • Crunches (30 seconds)
  • Shake Ups (30 seconds)

And the following rest intervals:

  • Rest between circuits (10 seconds)
  • Rest between intervals (10 seconds)

and I even have a handy dandy link that will take you to a page where it’ll do it on your computer… (and yes, I will probably edit this 12 times till I have it straight… I can’t code for beans.)(yep, I was right, trying to embed this wasn’t working. I’m sure theres a way to do it, I just don’t quite know it right yet, so follow the linkage, which of course has a slightly different title to the circuit, but it is the same, I swear!)

Plan is every day for 2 sundays (that’d be about 10 days) and then a re-eval to see if I have to change it to be more difficult or easier. The plan is to be able to do the 7 minute scientific workout… which isn’t exactly what I’d call easy. It’s supposed to be hard and suck ass, and I’m ok with that.

Now… Why… We all know calorie restriction will get me to where I wanna be… but lardassitude isn’t really a skinny or fat thing. I know I have to push myself a little. 10.5 minutes a day is nothing. It’ll help keep my sugars down, it’ll keep my heart a little stronger, it help me lose weight without turning to a sack of total mush. It’ll also mean the fuel I’m putting into myself can be used better 🙂 and that’s a good thing. 

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(8/25/14) Was Just Thinking

About goals and stuff like that. About a month ago, when I started this endeavour I bought myself a ‘goal dress’… which is something I don’t usually do. It was this one:

With the awesome cross back. When I bought it, I was a solid size 30. The largest I’d ever been in my life. I got it in a 24. When I got it, I tried it on and whoa, was it tight.  

I tried it on Sunday, and you know what, it fit. Well, if not a touch loose 🙂 Woohoo FTW!

So, I bought myself a new goal dress, but this is going to be a way way way far away goal… it’s the Harry Potter Marauder’s map dress on hot topic… in a straight size xl.

I figure that’s probably a 50-70 lb trip from now, but that’s ok. I can wait… I have the motivation of 1) getting healthy and 2) wearing that piece of awesomeness!

I also think the promise of a new steampunk costume is really a good thing to work towards too… I have such plans for a new corset!

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(8/18/2014) Sunday Thoughts On Monday Morning

Howdy, Nut here yet again 🙂

The weekend where I work is just insane for being busy, this weekend doubly so- my job’s yearly Medicaid inspection has been going on all week, so the stress level is doubled. Figure, it’s a lot like getting the house ready for when your Mother in Law wants to come over, and you know she’ll be snooping everywhere.

This weekend’s weigh in was 297.6. Yep, twonderland happened this week! So excited. NSV’s include fitting into my pre-pregnancy pants, my shorts (size 24w), and my old scrub pants. Woohoo! Pretty good considering I actually had to buy a pair of size 28 jeans not too long ago. Thankfully I think they’re getting donated, because I’m swimming in them. Well, donated after I do the traditional before/after shot whilst wearing them. 

Progress photos under the cut. Don’t mind my messy house!





See the face pic, you can see both reasons why I’m doing this. Little dude’s in his jumparoo, big guy’s using me like a jungle gym. 

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