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To Create and be eaten. Self improvement, Self Sacrifice and look into my LCHF/Keto/(somewhat)Gluten free journey.

(9/1/14) 37 days in, and the first of the month!

Well, I can officially claim some good news… Weighed in this morning at a new low! 288.8!! That’s 28 lbs lost. Hoody Freaking Hoo!

I also had nobody ask me if I was pregnant recently, and someone even said it looked like I lost a little. Honestly, I won’t lie, I don’t see it but my pants do fit looser, and my bras fit better. Yay!

I got to see the Doctor on Sunday- he said my sugars looked good, and that I didn’t have to check them twice a day anymore, a once daily either fasting or postprandial will be ok. I’ve been advised to exercise a couple times a week, it’ll help with the sugars and the weight loss.

I also bought myself a Bodymedia Fit Armband. Yes, I know, it’s the one the biggest loser’s wear. I honestly don’t watch the show, but I do personally know people who’ve used it, and have done amazing when it was used as a tool. I’m interested in what it does re: my sleep… I don’t sleep well… it’s part and parcel of working night shift and having 2 little kids.

I held off on the pictures, so I could do them and measure myself all at once. All that fun stuff behind the cut!

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Quotes of Awesomeness

A cow is a machine that turns leaves into steak

Neil Degrasse Tyson; Big Brains @ BAM

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(8/27/14)Exercise, or Oh crap, spaghetti arms of DOOM!

Hey folkies

Decided that interval training might be a good place to start- it takes up very little time, but works really efficiently. Only qualm is that I’m the Queen of the Lardasses lately, and HIIT (that’d be Hi Intensity Interval Training) would probably send me to the hospital with a massive MI. Nope, ain’t gonna do that.

So… what my plan is is MIIT (moderate intensity interval training) which kicked my coolie today, but should get easier as I get stronger. 

This is my current routine:

Cashew’s Beginner Circuit

Cashew’s Beginner Circuit is a circuit timer that comprises of 2 sets the following exercises:

  • Jog In Place (30 seconds)
  • Squats (30 seconds)
  • Wall Push Up (30 seconds)
  • Spinal Balance (60 seconds)
  • Superman (30 seconds)
  • Hip Lift (30 seconds)
  • Crunches (30 seconds)
  • Shake Ups (30 seconds)

And the following rest intervals:

  • Rest between circuits (10 seconds)
  • Rest between intervals (10 seconds)

and I even have a handy dandy link that will take you to a page where it’ll do it on your computer… (and yes, I will probably edit this 12 times till I have it straight… I can’t code for beans.)(yep, I was right, trying to embed this wasn’t working. I’m sure theres a way to do it, I just don’t quite know it right yet, so follow the linkage, which of course has a slightly different title to the circuit, but it is the same, I swear!)

Plan is every day for 2 sundays (that’d be about 10 days) and then a re-eval to see if I have to change it to be more difficult or easier. The plan is to be able to do the 7 minute scientific workout… which isn’t exactly what I’d call easy. It’s supposed to be hard and suck ass, and I’m ok with that.

Now… Why… We all know calorie restriction will get me to where I wanna be… but lardassitude isn’t really a skinny or fat thing. I know I have to push myself a little. 10.5 minutes a day is nothing. It’ll help keep my sugars down, it’ll keep my heart a little stronger, it help me lose weight without turning to a sack of total mush. It’ll also mean the fuel I’m putting into myself can be used better 🙂 and that’s a good thing. 

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(9/11/14) Non Scale Victory!

just had to dig the tie out of the casing of my shorts. I had to tie them because they were falling off! Wahoo!

Also, my jeggings are loose. I have to start doing more squats to build up what little butt I have… because its baggy in the rear.

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(8/18/2014) Sunday Thoughts On Monday Morning

Howdy, Nut here yet again 🙂

The weekend where I work is just insane for being busy, this weekend doubly so- my job’s yearly Medicaid inspection has been going on all week, so the stress level is doubled. Figure, it’s a lot like getting the house ready for when your Mother in Law wants to come over, and you know she’ll be snooping everywhere.

This weekend’s weigh in was 297.6. Yep, twonderland happened this week! So excited. NSV’s include fitting into my pre-pregnancy pants, my shorts (size 24w), and my old scrub pants. Woohoo! Pretty good considering I actually had to buy a pair of size 28 jeans not too long ago. Thankfully I think they’re getting donated, because I’m swimming in them. Well, donated after I do the traditional before/after shot whilst wearing them. 

Progress photos under the cut. Don’t mind my messy house!





See the face pic, you can see both reasons why I’m doing this. Little dude’s in his jumparoo, big guy’s using me like a jungle gym. 

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(8/16/14) What a stinker!

Reduced sugar pancake syrup still has 25g of pure sugar in it per serving. Bleh. Looks like I’ll be having my eggy cream cheese pancakes with nada but a pat of butter. They’re sweet enough on their own. 

Recipe from (my new favorite blog.)

Cream Cheese Pancakes

Yield: Four 6-inch pancakes

Serving Size: 1 pancake


  • 2 oz cream cheese
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 packet stevia (or any) sweetener
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • (Nut here: I added a shake of baking powder, it helped the pancakes to rise a little, which helped their consistency be less crepey. Either way is nice, but I like some puff to my pancake)


  • Put all ingredients in a blender or magic bullet. Blend until smooth. Let rest for 2 minutes so the bubbles can settle. Pour 1/4 of the batter into a hot pan greased with butter or pam spray. Cook for 2 minutes until golden, flip and cook 1 minute on the other side. Repeat with the rest of the batter. Serve with sugar free syrup (or any syrup of your choice) and fresh berries.


Approx nutrition info per batch (Nut here: batch of 4, I ran it through mfp): 344 calories, 29g fat, 2.5g net carbs, 17g protein


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(8/14/14) Sunday Night Progress dealies

I’ve been so bad this week in keeping up with everything… So there’s gonna be some back to back posting to play catch up…

Progress photos under the cut.





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(8/8/14) Booyah!

Just a quick little pop in to say my fasting sugar was good today! 101!!!

And yes, I typically do my fasting between 5 and 6ish in the evening on my work days (my schedule is so screwed up now…I flip flop days and nights, and I eat at weird times.)

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(8/3/14) It’s Sunday Bitches!

Yep, it’s Sunday, a week down and completed. 

I’m keto’d up, which is good, and get this, I have full doctors approval- which was surprising but really nice. 

I weighed in after I slept- 309.6 Not bad at all!  The Hubbs and kids let me sleep in (kinda) after my doctor’s appointment today. The doctor fully ok’d my very low carb diet, (that’d be low carb, high fat, moderate protein). My A1C though… SCARY. 11.1. That’s like having pancake syrup course through your veins. No wonder I’ve felt like utter crap lately!

Today we talked about my labs, and I got put on what feels like a ton of meds- we’re continuing the Metformin twice a day, I’m taking vitamin D weekly because I don’t do the sun (I work nights. I don’t see much of the sun ever), Omega 3 fatty acids because my triglycerides are elevated, but they should go down as my sugar gets into control, and the Omega 3’s can go bye bye. He also started me on Victoza which is a once a day injectable. I  have to ramp up to the full dosage over the next 2 weeks, it’s to keep me from getting all the GI side effects full force- I guess it’s better to ease into them. Oh, and get this, my insurance covers it and the needles too. Woohoo!

Progress Photos!







Wow… my house is a mess. It’s ok, we’ll work on that. 

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(8/1/14)Goal Re-eval, Measurements, and What’s the buzz, I’ll tell you whatsa’ happenin’

Well, here we are, a couple days in, and boy have our goals changed.

The purpose of this self improvement has changed- I went from ‘Well, I just want to get healthy’ to the wakeup call I got earlier this week.

Sunday into monday I had what I thought was a migraine, and then I checked my sugar on a whim because I thought I was having a hypoglycemic (low blood sugar) reaction. Boy, was I wrong. My sugar was well into the 200’s, which is WAY WAY WAY too high, and I just felt awful. Long story short, I ended up in the hospital for a couple hours because I was dehydrated and was referred to my primary care physician.

Yep, I have the ‘beetus. I am not proud of this at all, but I have to take care of myself so I can take care of everyone else (as is my usual deal.) The doctor told me he enjoys taking care of people with DM, and he wants to be aggressive in my treatment. He started me on Metformin, which will help to drop my sugars by having me be less insulin resistant, but has some unhappy side effects (that’d be anorexia, nausea and diarrhea. No wonder people tend to report weight loss on it!) I go back on Sunday to talk about my labs and have another medication added to my regimen. He says it’ll help me lose weight as well. I’m interested in seeing what’s up with that.

So, onto the meat and non-potatoes of this post


  1. Take my medicine as prescribed every day without fail. 
  2. Check and log my sugars daily without fail. I’ve decided that the best time to check my sugar is before dinner, I tend to have my fasting period of at least 5 hours prior to then. 
  3. Continue to eat under 1850 calories keto for the time being, I will recalculate my needs after Sundays weigh in. I haven’t been eating too well thanks to the constant nausea and diarrhea, but it’s supposed to pass. (I actually just ate some chicken and I’m just waiting for it to come up.)
  4. Continue to weigh in and photograph body (PA and LAT, and face) on sundays, Measurements on the first of the month and goal re-evals on the first as well. I’ve got to find my tape measure.


These are initial measurements, so I’ll compare these monthly.

  • Waist: 56″
  • Hips: 58″
  • Neck: 18″
  • Wrist: 7″
  • Thigh: 28″
  • Calf: 22.5″
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