Cashew Loses It

To Create and be eaten. Self improvement, Self Sacrifice and look into my LCHF/Keto/(somewhat)Gluten free journey.

How now brown cow, or what direction I’m taking!


Hump day is really a fairly meaningless topic when you work nights and weekends and all sorts of a convoluted schedule! Three more shifts this week, then a weekend off.

Speaking of convoluted schedules, I’m hoping to do three time weekly topics:

 Wicked Warrior Wednesday– The battle, and how we’re kicking it’s butt! Life’s full of battles, and with our victories we win the war! NSV’s, SV’s, Exercise, You’ll find it here.

Famished Foodie Fridays– I will detail one food item I’ve made during the week- pictures and recipes, including recipe reviews from other amazing blogs and cookbooks.

Make it Work Monday– I know you hear Tim Gunn saying the title (or you do now!) Probably short and sweet, but hopefully a none too sappy reason to keep going. Pictures, quotes, stories. The good stuff!

Sunday night/Monday will be my weigh in/progress pics update- that goes in on it’s own happy little page, and probably a quick update to let y’all know how I’m doing. The First of the Month will always have a post for an updating of my goals and measurements. I find the measuring tape is a thousand times better than that darned scale anywhoo.

I’m also going to try to do a daily update of my intake and output, but I’m not going to push it to facebook, that’ll start getting annoying quick.

And now: On to the show!

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Movin’ on up!

Howdy world,

Some of you already read me on Tumblr, which is great! Only thing is that Tumblr can be a little fussy to navigate– especially if you really don’t ‘do’ tumblr. And that’s cool, so in an attempt to make this blog more accessible to everyone, I’ll be cross-posting and adding more here. I’ve also moved my tumblr stuff here, so there is a lot of stuff to catch up on!

I didn’t add my daily calorie lists from MFP off of Tumblr but I will be posting them here now.

Don’t be scared! I promise, it’ll all be ok!

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